Saturday, November 24, 2007

Geo Annotated Indian news

Many Indian news sources (well, all of them) ,lack proper geo annotation standards This is a small experiment to correct it .
I Used Yahoo pipes ,Google maps and

PS:This news is computer generated(reaped off "The Hindu" news paper ); so, many errors might creep in...

Also Note ,That sometimes the news does not load if your Internet connection is slow....

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The trick :
RSS to GeoRSS converter: is a geocoding service ,to put it simply ,you can type in a city,State name ,and get the geographic co-ordinates of almost all well known places.

It also offers this feature as a webservice.

One of it's services ,Is the RSS-to-GEORSS converter
It takes in any RSS feed as an input ,scans the RSS feed, and gives out a geoRSS feed as the result...

Not much has been mentioned as to how it analyzes the content ,Maybe it searches the Title and Description Tags...;so I have made sure ,that I transform the yahoo Pipe appropriately

The pipe can be accessed at

Please note :I have used output from several sub pipes for this,all of them are published please look into the source...